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June 21st, Update on Angels

Sorry it’s been so long since we posted.  We have been very busy with the tournaments and such.

For the GGBL 14u AA tournament we came in 3rd.  For the GGBL 14u AA season we came in 3rd, also.  Not bad…and definitely several steps up from last year.  We have had a great pool of players this year.

Last weekend we came in runner up for the “Boys of Summer Bash” tournament.  First time to be awarded trophies and the only time we have ever come in 2nd for a tournament or season.

This weekend we are playing in the “Hardcore Baseball Classic” tournament and we won our first game last night 7-4 against the Shaw Park Sidewinders, a team out of Marietta.  We will play again today at 5:00pm

Go Angels!!!


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Hey Guys… Coach Dan here.
Coach Eric and I had lunch together today.  Naturally, we talked alot about baseball – and each of you players.  We were kicking around some thoughts about:  “Is there anything we can do to gain an edge, or raise our game a notch?”  Here’s what we both agreed on – and really want to impress upon each of you.  The way you warm-up is generally the way you will play.  And – our warm-up is generally loose (which we like), but also undisciplined (which we don’t like).  We have tried, as your coaches, to give you guys the space to get in a comfort-zone and prepare your body and mind… your own way – with little “rules” governing how we warm-up.  Well…
We still don’t want to make a bunch of rules.  Life is full of rules – most of them are meaningless – and we don’t want to add to that list.  But… here’s what we do want.
     1) When you arrive – get in the cage and take good swings at good pitches, using a bat that will help you be ready to play.  Have fun – but be serious.  This is your opportunity to get ready to hit… really get ready.
     2)  After you hit in the cage – get a partner and throw.  Start short and end with long-toss.  You don’t need to throw curve balls, sliders, knuckle balls, fork balls, etc.  You need to throw the ball straight and accurately.  The object is to get your arm loose and ready.  Pitchers especially… if you can’t throw a straight pitch for a strike 4 out of 5 times  —  then none of your other pitches are going to matter very much.
     3)  After you throw – take time to “be still”  and focus.  Don’t horse-play and be silly.  Get your brain ready to play your butt off.  Don’t waste energy and don’t distract teammates as they get ready.
     4)  Finally… it’s not that you have to move about as a single unit… but, as much as possible – hang together.  You are a team. 
What we have done for the last 5 or 6 games is wait until the second or third inning to begin taking the game really seriously… and by then, sometimes – it’s too late.  Tonight, let’s start as a team before the game starts – and really and truly hit the ground running in the first inning – playing hard… holding nothing back… and playing with pride.
We ended the season ranked third in the division, yet I believe we are a legitimate “sleeper”.  If we play our game – starting in the first inning – we can beat anybody in either division. 
Tonight will be a test.  Collins Hill is a good team… in my mind – quite possibly better than Dacula.  The last time we played them, the game was over before we started.  Tonight, let’s show up believing and knowing that we belong… and that they aren’t any better or deserving than we are.  If we show-up scared or looking up to the other team as though they are awesome… then the game is over. 
I don’t mean this pridefully – but hear this.  Coach Jeff, Coach John, Coach Eric, and I… we are each as good or better at coaching than any other coach in the league.  We aren’t coming to the games concerned about being out coached  —  or believing that we are a step behind the opposing coaches.  Likewise – you players need to show-up with the same confidence and attitudes.  It’s not cocky to know you are good – and that you should win, because you are good.  It’s only cocky if you’re a jerk about it.
We are a team of 15 men.  Tonight – let’s be 15 strong men  —  willing and ready to do our very best from beginning to end, and leave the results of those efforts to speak for themselves.  If we do that – I believe we will be victorious… and that’s how I’m going to coach the game.
See you there.  
     (After you read this, call a buddy and encourage him to read it.  I would like every player to read this before the game tonight.) 


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Angels Serving Others

Here are a few photos of our days working at the grocery store.  What a great experience.  Most of the guys enjoyed this very much, but would have rather been playing baseball of course!

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P’tree Ridge Comments from Coach Dan


Coach Dan here.  Tonight was tough.  I had a couple of you tell me you’d rather lose than tie… and I understand that sentiment.  It’s like we left something unfinished  –  no “closure”.  But, we tied.  It is what it is.  I wanted to mention a couple things though that I hope you didn’t miss.
Tonight was, I believe, our first test as to what kind of TEAM we really are.  I don’t mean athletically… I mean our heads and hearts.  We made six errors, and a lesser group of guys might have allowed that to split them – or cause them to struggle as a unit.  And – we started for just a brief moment to wander down that path.  But, we didn’t continue – we came together… as a TEAM.
I’m proud of ya’ll  —  each one of you brings something unique and needed to our team.  The two specific things I hope you will take away from tonight’s game are this:
     1)  Anybody can beat you.  We’re good – no doubt… but we have to come to play, and play hard  —  or we’ll get beat.  We are a better team that Peachtree Ridge – hands down… but we lost our focus, committing six errors – and that cost us what should have been a victory.
     2)  We are a TEAM.  Nobody on this team can either win or lose a game by himself.  And – when we come together with a common purpose… well, we’re really tough to beat.  If we’ll play as a TEAM for a full game, we can – and will – beat anybody, anywhere, anytime.  We have some tremendous individual talent… but our true strength is in our willingness and determination to have each other’s backs… to encourage, support, and care for each other.
Ya’ll are really good – and we have the potential to be really great!  I’m both excited and honored to be on your TEAM.

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Come From behind Victory!


Shew!!!  A great start to the game and a little bobble scares me everytime, but then you guys mopped up the mess.  Great job against the Lawrenceville Warriors.

All of you did great, but a couple of stand outs this game were Jesse and his “Big Momentum” hit to bring us back ahead in the game 7 – 6 and “Snake” and his awesome pitching.  I enjoyed that one as much as any we’ve had I believe.  Great job to the whole team!

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So we can beat 13yr olds


Coach Dan was right…there was no real way for us to win today.  We were expected to win.  If you don’t believe me, what would you have thought if we lost by one point.  You see? 

That being said, I look forward to our games coming up.  There will be tournaments and games where we will be considered the underdogs and we will not be the expected winners, but with the team we have we can WIN!  It’s true…you guys have to believe it and then play to accomplish it.  When we are expected to win we can’t become complacent and run through the motions or we might get our butts whipped.   (You guys are big boys, you can handle the word butt without giggling silly can’t you?)  I knew you could.

All that being said, I can’t wait to show up at any ballpark with you guys and I believe Coach Dan, Coach Jeff, Coach John and our fans can’t wait either.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  (Guys, it’s just a figure of speech.)

Written by Coach Eric.


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Welcome – Hebron Angels!!!

angels_a_logo_04.jpgThis site is designed for team members, family of team members, friends of team members and fans of all ages. 

You are encouraged to encourage on this blog site.  All entries will be approved by Coach Eric, so if you don’t want it seen by me don’t write it.  I encourage you all to have fun, be as goofy as you want.  This is yours (our) website.  You can comment on any post.  If you like you can post by sending me an e-mail and I will post it for you. 

So have fun!!!!!


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