This Win Felt Good

Great job guys.  It felt good to hit the ball and make the plays that we know how to make.  You all have done such a great job improving your game personally.  As a team we have fun.  When we get insecure we usually lose.  These characteristics are typical of losing.  Keep your good character whether you win or lose.

Nice homer Blake…you had a couple of teamates that almost joined you.  Great hitting by all of you tonight and great play in the field.  Nice win.

How did this game feel compared to the last two?  Just curious…




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3 responses to “This Win Felt Good

  1. awesome, guys!!! Wish I was there to see it. Great blog pic too, eb! Love it

  2. Coach Jeff

    That was a great game guys ! We believe in each of you individually and as one solid team. It sure feels good to win and to see this team play well. Guys… we can compete with anyone in this league if we play together. I’m proud of you all and I just hope we build on last night, continue playing well and finish as strong as we’ve been all season. You guys need to believe that this 14u Hebron Angels baseball TEAM will be the GGBL CHAMPIONS !

  3. Jesse Thomas

    It felt twice as good as the last few and it was more enjoyable to play as a TEAM!!!

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