Right Off The Bat!

Peachtree Ridge    wow! – what a game… again.  This game had a lot of “drama”, but – we pulled it off.  As I’ve reflected throughout the day on this game, there are several things that come to mind.  First – great job getting off to a fast start.  We came out of the box swinging (and hitting).  It means soooo much to put up some runs right out of the gate.  I’m positive that those 4 runs in the first inning did a lot to demoralize P’tree Ridge.  And – even though we left the bases loaded, and could have scored a bunch more, they knew they were in trouble right off the bat (no pun intended).  What a shot by Blake… great 2 run homer.  I knew it was gone the second he hit it.

Second, Morgan (and Blake)… but Morgan especially – he pitched a great game.  They couldn’t sit on a pitch, because he had it all working.  Great job Morgan!!!  Third, there were some great… really great defensive plays.  By trying to list them, I’ll probably miss one – but, I’m going to mention some.  Chase made a couple incredible plays at third… one was especially “big”.  Plays like that are as good (sometimes better) than a homerun.  They take the other teams wind right out of their sails    and, it causes guys to start pressing at the plate, because they know they can’t just hit it hard    they also have to hit it in the gaps, or we’ll get it.  Travis made a couple really good catches in center.  Dallas made a great catch down the left field line.  And Michael… oh, my goodness  —–  that catch – to end the game – was definitely the most difficult catch I’ve seen made in the last several seasons.  That was a catch that a lot of “big-leaguer’s” would not have made.

Bottom-line???  You guys are a really, really good baseball TEAM… and, you are a fine group of young men.  Keep it up!  Don’t take your eye off the ball… both the literal baseball    and, the ball of life, which requires you to be men of character if you are to be true winners.  You guys are awesome!!!


By the way… Finish out your school year strong.  Focus    academically and behaviorally.  Take pride – the right kind of pride – in doing your best!  



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2 responses to “Right Off The Bat!

  1. eric

    I hated I missed it. Play by play on the phone stinks. Sounds like some great highlights for ESPN. Way to go Blake, been wondering when it would come. Way to go Dallas big play in left. Morgan, always good pitching. Travis, Captain outfield, Shane’s back and Michael tried his best to hold off his proudness about the catch at the end, but he was dying to tell me. You know when you get right down to it, I guess my efforts made us that last catch to end it. Do you know how many times I had to throw that Winnie the Pooh ball over the couch for all those diving catches?

    Bottom line, I’m proud of all of you guys just like Coach Dan. If you guys believe in yourselves as much as we do you are limitless to what you can do.

  2. LB

    We are so proud of you guys and don’t want to miss a game! You have proven your athletic ability and your team effort means everything,as you have seen. Each of you have made outstanding contributions individually, but collectively you can see how awesome you have played as a team!
    In addition you are fine young men! What else can we say? One thing! Don’t let up yet! You have not finished the job! We have no doubt you will play to win, but more importantly play to do your best. We know you will.

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