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WB High School – Nice Place…..


Great job last night!  We play that same team in the South Gwinnett Clash tournament next weekend.  You guys came out smokin’.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  They never had a chance.

How would you guys rate the field last night?  Just curious.



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Our Sacrificial Fans!!!!! They’re The Best!



We had a fan to get injured at our game last night.  Sorry Casidy…we don’t even like for us to get hurt let alone our fans.  We would like to give you free admission for the rest of the year and buy you a COKE for your dedication as a fan.

Seriously, we were all a little shaken for you.  Hope your back to normal soon.

I told you I wouldn’t embarass you!

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P’tree Ridge Comments from Coach Dan


Coach Dan here.  Tonight was tough.  I had a couple of you tell me you’d rather lose than tie… and I understand that sentiment.  It’s like we left something unfinished  –  no “closure”.  But, we tied.  It is what it is.  I wanted to mention a couple things though that I hope you didn’t miss.
Tonight was, I believe, our first test as to what kind of TEAM we really are.  I don’t mean athletically… I mean our heads and hearts.  We made six errors, and a lesser group of guys might have allowed that to split them – or cause them to struggle as a unit.  And – we started for just a brief moment to wander down that path.  But, we didn’t continue – we came together… as a TEAM.
I’m proud of ya’ll  —  each one of you brings something unique and needed to our team.  The two specific things I hope you will take away from tonight’s game are this:
     1)  Anybody can beat you.  We’re good – no doubt… but we have to come to play, and play hard  —  or we’ll get beat.  We are a better team that Peachtree Ridge – hands down… but we lost our focus, committing six errors – and that cost us what should have been a victory.
     2)  We are a TEAM.  Nobody on this team can either win or lose a game by himself.  And – when we come together with a common purpose… well, we’re really tough to beat.  If we’ll play as a TEAM for a full game, we can – and will – beat anybody, anywhere, anytime.  We have some tremendous individual talent… but our true strength is in our willingness and determination to have each other’s backs… to encourage, support, and care for each other.
Ya’ll are really good – and we have the potential to be really great!  I’m both excited and honored to be on your TEAM.

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Come From behind Victory!


Shew!!!  A great start to the game and a little bobble scares me everytime, but then you guys mopped up the mess.  Great job against the Lawrenceville Warriors.

All of you did great, but a couple of stand outs this game were Jesse and his “Big Momentum” hit to bring us back ahead in the game 7 – 6 and “Snake” and his awesome pitching.  I enjoyed that one as much as any we’ve had I believe.  Great job to the whole team!

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Coach Eric’s Blog site – Angels welcome!


The link above is to my personal blog website.  That particular link is a post that I had last week about THE DREAM.  You all are welcome to post there as well.  I will say that there are probably some things that you could care less about, but if you want to see what makes me tick go for it.

You can find comments made by Coach Dan on the website as well.

You all have a good night and rest up for tomorrow

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The Tall and Short of it!!!


The tall and short of it is – WE ROCK!!!!

We have and awesome team!  We are all different, but when we are together we are the SAME.  Keep it up ANGELS, this is what TEAM is all about.

It’s hard to believe that these two were born in the same month and the same year, DECEMBER 1993.  It was a good year!  Dallas and Drew, we love you guys and we are glad you are both Angels.


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Hebron wins big!!!

Yes sir!

What a great game tonight and last night (even though the score didn’t go our way last night).  There will be many more wins, you can count on it.  Way to go guys! 

I would have to say that so far for me, Dallas would have to have the most noticeable for the week award.  He had a great double play from outfield and a few key hits  for us.  That’s not to take away from the rest of you guys, he just did more than expected.  Great job Dallas!

Great job Angels!!!!   Go TEAM!!!

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