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How Baseball was Invented


Baseball is a popular sport in the United States. In fact, it is often called our national pastime. Do you know how the game got started?
Baseball was invented in America in 1845. But even before that, as early as the 1600s, people in England played a similar game called rounders. The players on the other team tried to tag the runner by throwing the ball at him and hitting him with it! Ouch! This painful practice was called soaking the runner.
Later, in the 1700s, men in the American colonies played their own version of rounders. They called it town ball. Any young colonist who came to town for a meeting was allowed to play. Sometimes each team had as many as 25 players! And all 25 had to come to bat before the other team got a chance to hit!
As time went on, the popularity of town ball grew and grew . One man who loved to play the game was Alexander Cartwright. He used to play town ball every Sunday on a field in New York City.
One Sunday in 1845, Cartwright came to the game very excited. He held a piece of paper with some new rules he had made up. He had also drawn a field shaped like a diamond, and called his new game baseball.
How were Cartwright’s rules different from town ball? For one thing, batters would now use bats instead of paddles. Also, there would be four flat bases instead of posts. And each team could have only nine players.
One new rule that Cartwright made up was especially popular. From now on, fielders could not tag a runner by throwing the ball at him. Instead, the fielder had to throw the ball to another player, who would tag the runner or touch the base.
Cartwright and his friends formed the first official baseball team, called the Knickerbocker Baseball Club. The first organized game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey, on June 19, 1846. The Knickerbockers faced a team called the New York Nines, who won the game 23 to 1.
The baseball we play today still follows many of the rules Cartwright thought up in 1845. Of course, some rules have changed over the years. For example, in 1845, there were no balls or strikes. The batter simply told the pitcher what kind of pitch to throw. But now, it’s “three strikes and you’re out!”
The next time you play baseball, or even if you just watch, think of the games inventor, Alexander Cartwright.  He earned the title of “the father of organized baseball.”


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“Coach Skip” – South Gwinnett Thunder

Here is a note that I got from “Coach Skip” of South Gwinnett after our game Saturday night.  I told you….Class Act!  Check it out…


Everyone from players to parents talked about your team. You played the Titans, which might be the best team in the tournament, to a 2-0 game and from what I saw, you could have won it. Your team is bigger and it is athletic. You have a team that can go out and play competitively with just about anyone. That is all we all strive for. From there, you win games.  Its early and they will learn from it. Our game was much closer than the score. You do have a great bunch of kids, that was obvious.  The key is making improvements when you can, taking care of the boys, and creating something that feels bigger than any one player.  And yes, you have done it right. To pray on the mound after the game with ya’ll is a pleasure and honor. The Lord has blessed us so much, it feels good to bring these boys together to praise him, and publically acknowledge him. That witness goes far beyond the confines of the field. Our prayer has always been that our son is influenced by Godly men. Thank you for that influence.

Have fun today. Let’s play again in the championship.



 So, Angels…do you think those teams this weekend took notice of you guys?  You better believe they did.  Great Job!!  Coach Dan, Coach Jeff, Coach John and I are having a blast!  Don’t stop what your doing because you guys are the ones making this ride worth getting on!


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RESPECT is earned


I’m proud of you guys and love our team.  Good stuff today…It’s only going to get better…never hang your head.  If you win…look them straight in the eyes and say “Good game.”  If you ever lose after giving all you had, look them straight in the eyes and say, “GOOD GAME.” 

Having class and character takes work, but it is much more valuable than any baseball games we’ll ever play.  Skip Argo, South Gwinnett coach respects us and knows we will be back for more…don’t forget that and by the way Coach Skip has class and character.

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Chalk Talk – Hang Time

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So we can beat 13yr olds


Coach Dan was right…there was no real way for us to win today.  We were expected to win.  If you don’t believe me, what would you have thought if we lost by one point.  You see? 

That being said, I look forward to our games coming up.  There will be tournaments and games where we will be considered the underdogs and we will not be the expected winners, but with the team we have we can WIN!  It’s true…you guys have to believe it and then play to accomplish it.  When we are expected to win we can’t become complacent and run through the motions or we might get our butts whipped.   (You guys are big boys, you can handle the word butt without giggling silly can’t you?)  I knew you could.

All that being said, I can’t wait to show up at any ballpark with you guys and I believe Coach Dan, Coach Jeff, Coach John and our fans can’t wait either.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  (Guys, it’s just a figure of speech.)

Written by Coach Eric.


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Favorite Tunes


What songs get you motivated!!!  Coach Dan asked you to let him know.  You can do it hear!  So, leave it in your comments.

One of my favorites is “Come Together” by Third Day and as for stadium rock the song “Rock and Roll” by Gary Glitter.


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Giants over Pats


From Coach Eric:

I know we’re about baseball on this website, but as sports fans you had to have watched one of the best played Superbowl football games tonight regardless of who you wanted to win.

Frankly, I was pulling for the GIANTS.  I pull for underdogs frequently because I realize that I have been given several opportunities as an underdog myself. 

So, let’s hear it…are you dissappointed or going crazy about the GIANTS win over the Pats? 


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