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Favorite Baseball Player of All Time

How about it?  Shoeless Joe Jackson?  The BABE?  Jackie Robinson?  Mickey Mantle?  Willie Stargil?  Catfish Hunter?  Gene Garber (who?)?  Joe Dimaggio?  Willy Mays?  Johnny Bench?  Cal Ripken?  Chipper Jones?  Ken Griffey, Jr.? 




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Winners and Losers

The Difference Between Winners and Losers
1. Winners take responsibility  –  Losers blame others.
2. Winners go hard  –  Losers go hard when they’re being watched.
3. Winners do things the right way  –  Losers do things their way.
4. Winners say, “we”  –  Losers say, “I” when things are going good, and “ya’ll” when things are going bad.
5. Winners listen to instruction and criticism  –  Losers laugh and look away, because they think they know it all.
6. Winners love their teammates  –  Losers love only themselves.
7. Winners sacrifice themselves for others  –  Losers sacrifice others for themselves.
8. Winners lift up others  –  Losers lift up themselves.
9. Winners do the little things that don’t get noticed  –  Losers do only the things that will get noticed.
10. Winners get focused  –  Losers fool around.
I Corinthians 9: 24 (NLT)
Remember that in a race, everyone runs – but only one person gets the prize.  You must also run in such a way that you will win.
…Think about it  
     Coach Dan


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Welcome – Hebron Angels!!!

angels_a_logo_04.jpgThis site is designed for team members, family of team members, friends of team members and fans of all ages. 

You are encouraged to encourage on this blog site.  All entries will be approved by Coach Eric, so if you don’t want it seen by me don’t write it.  I encourage you all to have fun, be as goofy as you want.  This is yours (our) website.  You can comment on any post.  If you like you can post by sending me an e-mail and I will post it for you. 

So have fun!!!!!


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